Does Viagra have an influence on the reproductive function?

When in 1998 Viagra appeared on the pharmacological market, a lot of men breathed a sigh of relief. Viagra has helped many men being in despair because of permanent erectile problems to regain confidence in their abilities and have a normal sexual life. Following Viagra there appeared other drugs for potency with similar or different from Viagra characteristics.

However, not long after, when the euphoria of the returned erection began gradually to pass, men began to ask themselves about the impact of Viagra on other parts of the body. And perhaps the most important issue proved to be the question about the influence of the drugs for potency on reproductive function.

In instructions of the majority of drugs for increasing potency it is indicated that the drug has not a bad influence on reproductive function. However, many argue that Viagra speeds up the biochemical reactions which ultimately leads to male infertility. But is it really so?

Influence of Viagra on the reproductive function

British researchers arrived at a conclusion that Viagra can actually affect the reproductive function. The conducted studies on mice showed that at the doses prescribed to patients, the reproductive function of mice was decreased by 30%. However, the study does not provide evidence that the human the same things happen with the human organism.

Scientists from the Queen's University of Belfast found that Viagra makes sperm more active, and that the drug speeds up the process of generating digestive enzyme by sperm, thanks to which the sperm penetrates the outer wall of the egg cell and is able to fertilize it. And if this enzyme is produced before the sperm reaches the egg cell, then its fertilization will be impossible.

However, the head of the group of reproductive medicine at Queen's University describes the results of the study as doubtful. Representatives of the Pfizer company, the manufacturer of Viagra, announced that this study was researched not on humans, but in vial, therefore, nothing can be proved.
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Another study has also shown that Viagra can reduce male fertility. The Pfizer company, denies in principle that Viagra can impair reproductive function of men. Then a representative of the company stated that a number of studies were conducted, and that men used Viagra for 6 years. But there have been no precise information about that Viagra has a really negative effect on reproductive function of men. Also the Pfizer company announced that Viagra can affect the reproductive function positively only. It means that a lot of men can not get an erection without Viagra, and thus become fathers. Lovegra also doesn't bother any woman to become mother.
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